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Conchita Sarnoff

Topic: Human TrafficKing

During this 5-week speaking tour, Conchita Sarnoff will examine the scope of human trafficking in global society. Her presentations will include how prosecution in human trafficking cases are adjudicated and differ between Australia, New Zealand and the United States citing three significant case studies to identify differences and commonalities between each country.

The discourse will include details of her book, TrafficKing,’ published in April 2016. This true but unbelievable story about the underbelly of human trafficking reports the longest running human trafficking case in U.S. legal history from a journalist’s perspective. The criminal case was filed in 2005. Twelve years later, 2017, litigation continues.

Australia criminalizes human trafficking under Divisions 270 & 271 of the Criminal Code while the United States federally prosecutes human traffickers under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. Not all 50 states in the U.S. enforce or have enacted TVPA. Yet every individual state has local and state laws to prosecute traffickers and protect victims.

Australia and New Zealand ratified the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons under the U.N. Convention against Transnational Organized Crime. In New Zealand, human trafficking is a crime under Section 98D of the 1961 Crimes Act. Unlike the U.S. and Australia, the issue of human trafficking is not an actively debated topic in New Zealand given the small quantities of cases reported.  The Protocol is part of the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (UNTOC).  New Zealand, like Australia actively participate in efforts to fight human trafficking in the Asia-Pacific region. New Zealand also maintains a leadership role in the Bali Process on People, Smuggling, Human Trafficking and related Transnational Crimes. How do these activities differ and complement U.S. initiatives?

Other issues will include the prevention, protection and prosecutorial differences between the three countries; statistics of human trafficking in Australia, New Zealand and U.S.; and how are federal trafficking laws different from regional laws. In the U.S.  there is a significant difference when prosecuting traffickers and pedophiles under the state and federal law. She will examine the reasons why government opts for one versus the other.

TrafficKing by Conchita Sarnoff

“TrafficKing yanks back the curtain on an underworld where children pay the ultimate price as victims. The story explores the darkest recesses of the corridors of power, from Harvard to the White House. Conchita Sarnoff, an investigative journalist, who despite bribes to stay silent, risked her life to expose the brutal reality of human trafficking and the Jeffrey E. Epstein case. Epstein, at the center of the saga, is a pedophile billionaire and Wall Street hedge fund manager and registered level-3 sex offender. It is a child sex trafficking story of epic proportions and the longest running human trafficking case in U.S. legal history; more poignant than the Lewinsky Scandal, Watergate Scandal and Profumo Affair combined. His team of attorneys included: Alan Dershowitz, Kenneth Starr, Roy Black and Gerald Lefcourt. HRH Prince Andrew, former President Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz and others were implicated in the case. A decade after Epstein’s arrest, Virginia Roberts Giuffre vs. Ghislaine Maxwell is pending, along with two more related cases. It’s a tug of war between lust and power and decency and human rights.


Conchita Sarnoff is founder and executive director of Alliance to Rescue Victims of Trafficking, (, a non-profit organization in Washington D.C. that raises awareness of human trafficking. For more than a decade, Sarnoff has been investigating human trafficking and influencing public policy on the issue.  In April 2016, Sarnoff published her first book “TrafficKing, an in-depth analysis of the growing human trafficking epidemic exposing the lengthiest human trafficking case in the U.S. to set legal precedent (2005-present). In 2017, Sarnoff partnered with American University to create The Human Trafficking Center & Clinic. Sarnoff is a research professor, founder and director of the initiative at American University in Washington D.C.

Since 2006, Sarnoff’s work has centered on issues impacting human rights, public policy and social justice with a goal to end human trafficking and modern day slavery.  Sarnoff is a Contributor at: The Financial Times, The Latin America Herald Tribune, The Miami Herald, The Daily Beast, Huffington Post,, Daily Caller and others.  She is a Commentator on several TV networks including: ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Telemundo, Univision, RT, Al Jazeera, RTV, Caracol, and several TV, radio and online news shows.

2000-2006 – Sarnoff was crisis communications advisor to Fortune 400 companies including: Burson-Marsteller, Young & Rubicam’s The Bravo Group (WPP subsidiaries); AT&T; Digital Equipment Corporation; Bacardi USA; Columbia Artists Management (CAMI); McDonald’s. In Switzerland, she was communications advisor to Ares-Serono S.A., a medium-sized family owned Swiss biotech acquired by Merck, in 2006. In 1998, Sarnoff was appointed international media coordinator at 12th World AIDS Conference, in Geneva, a global and annual AIDS conference.  Between 2001-2004, Sarnoff served as communications consultant to Innovative Communications Corporation (ICC). In Latin America her clients included:  CEMEX (second largest cement company in the world), and Thacher, Proffitt, Wood LLP (international law firm).

In 2006, Sarnoff became communications advisor to Deputy Manuel Camacho Solis, Chief Political Strategist to presidential candidate, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), during the “Desafuero Crisis” and later his presidential campaign. In 2005, she was communications advisor to Organization of American States (OAS) and communications advisor to Council-member Bob Oldakowski during his Key Biscayne, Florida Mayoral campaign. Mayor Oldakowski served two consecutive terms. In 2003, Sarnoff was appointed director of communications at Free Trade of the Americas (FTAA).  FTAA’s mission, a forerunner to PPA, was to secure a free trade accord between the U.S., Latin America and Canada by 2005.

Non-Profit Experience – Ronald McDonald’s House Charities (RMHC); The American Red Cross (NY and Miami chapters); Puppies Behind Bars (NYC); South Florida Migrants Association; The World Educational Fund (NY), and executive director: Alliance to Rescue Victims of Trafficking.

Teaching Engagements

  • John Hopkins: Protection Project, Washington D.C. Dr. Mohammad Mattar. Lecture Series, Spring 2014.
  • Pepperdine University, Service Leadership Program, Malibu, CA.  Professor Regan Shafer, AY, 2014-2015.
  • Pepperdine University, SAAJ Program, Malibu, CA. Professor Jeff Banks, Fall 2016.
  • American University, SIS, Washington D.C., Dean Emeritus & Professor Louis Goodman, Spring 2017-2018.

Television Experience – A TBR Discovery documentary will feature Sarnoff’s work. In 2006-2007, Sarnoff produced The Americas Forum (renamed The Region in 2007), a half-hour current events program featuring heads of state, policy experts, and leading CEOs debating Western Hemisphere foreign policy issues. Taped at a Washington D.C. studio and at The Clinton Global Initiative, New York. In 2009, Sarnoff produced a segment for “The Oppenheimer Report”, a PBS (V-me) Spanish language program.

Volunteer – Sarnoff co-chaired the Communications Committee of The American Red Cross (Miami); The Minority Advisory Committee of Florida Board of Health (a Governor appointed position); Art in Public Places (Community Board member, Key Biscayne, Florida); Innocents at Risk (DC); The Children’s Law Center (DC) and The David Sarnoff Library in Princeton, New Jersey. 

Education, Skills & Awards – Educated at the School of Sacred Heart and Columbia University, Sarnoff read and majored in political science with a minor in history. Sarnoff’s senior thesis: “The 1959 Cuban Revolution and the Cuban Economy,” compared Cuba’s economic and political landscape in 1959 to Cuba in the early1980s. In 1984, Sarnoff attended one year of graduate level courses at Columbia University’s School of International Affairs (SIA). In 2004, Sarnoff received a Certificate of Studies from the Harvard Law School “Program on Negotiation.” Sarnoff is fluent in four languages (English, French, Italian and Spanish), and has received numerous awards including three Honorary Citizen Awards from the cities of Miami and Homestead, Florida. In 2010, Sarnoff was nominated for The Deadline Club Award for best investigative reporting. In 2012, her expose: “Behind the Pedophile’s Sweetheart Deal” published March 25, 2011, in The Daily Beast, was submitted for a Pulitzer Prize. Ms. Sarnoff has two children and lives in Washington D.C.


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