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About Us

A pure passion for people, books, information and research steered us to various conferences with notebooks and pens in hand (back in the day). Synchronistic encounters with respected authors and speakers at these events catalyzed life changing experiences that resulted in the creation of Conscious Events Global (2012) and our specialty brand, InfoReset (2017).

There is a common perception that the ancient practice of communities coming together to discuss information and solutions has evolved into the modern day conference or seminar. Never before has this been more relevant. Our vision is to provide a professional platform for extraordinary individuals who inspire change in the world and charter new courses for humanity.

Photo Credit: Jaymie Icke – David Icke at Sydney Town Hall

We at InfoReset value the sharing of knowledge and intellectual expression. We consider this an essential component to understanding the nature of our existence in a complex universe.

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The InfoReset Team

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